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Support ASQHA!
Advertising and Sponsorship Forms are available below!
If you would like to take a letter for sponsorship into a business we have created one for you as well!
Advertising Deadline for the ASQHA Annual Show Book is March 31st!
If you need assistance designing an ad contact Beth Austin at or 907-378-8840

2014 ASQHA Dates    

N Lazy J Summer Circuit – Anchorage WCCEC

              June 6           Novice & All Breed Youth Show

June 7           Single day/single judge

June 8           Single day/single judge


Midnight Sun Family Medicine Circuit – Fairbanks TVSF

              June 27         Novice & All Breed Youth Show

June 28         Single day/single judge

June 29         Single day/single judge


Southcentral Experience Circuit  – Anchorage WCCEC

July 18          Single day/single judge

   July 19          Single day/double judged

July 20          Single day/single judge


Seekins Ford Fair Circuit – Fairbanks TVSF

August 1       Single day/single judge

   August 2       Single day/double judged

August 3       Single day/single judge



ASQHA Board Meetings are the 3rd Monday of every month.


Seekins Ford Conference Room
Contact: Beth Austin 378-8840


Kristine Herrin's Home
Contact: Kristine Herrin 351-2643



Contact: Lori Hackenberger 727-4444

2014 ASQHA Board Members


President: Lori Hackenberger

Vice President: Christina Worker

Secretary: Beth Austin

Treasurer: Margo Byron


North Board Members:

Gabriele Larry

Gayle Kaihoi


South Board Members:

Kristine Herrin

Natasha Larry

Shawn Hall


Youth Advisor:

Rebecca Romine



Requirements for year end awards eligibility:

  • Exhibitor & Owner must be a member in good standing with ASQHA
  • Points will not count until Owner & Exhibitor are current members of ASQHA
  • Must compete under a minimum of 6 judges (5 judges for All Breed)

All exhibitors will be charged a mandatory $5.00 ASQHA Point Processing Fee per division, per judge.


(Divisions are: Open, Green, Novice Youth, Youth, Novice Amateur, Amateur, Amateur Select, All Breed, All Breed Youth & Walk/Trot)


There will no longer be a recording fee and form.  All participants that meet the above requirements will be eligible for year end awards.

ASQHA Mentor Program

Have a question?  Not sure how to get started?   We can help!  ASQHA Board members are available to act as a mentor to any member in need of assistance at our shows and clinics.
  The purpose of a mentor is to guide you through your show experience in order to make it less
stressful and more fun.  Consider contacting a board member in your area and asking them to
mentor you this season.
Possible topics include:
•  What to expect at your first show or clinic
•  Who to ask if you have a question
•  Forms and Paperwork:  Entry forms, recording, EIA, membership, stalls, etc.
•  Show preparation:  When you can arrive, when you can lunge, warm up, what you should bring, what to wear, etc.
•  Parking and Stalls:  Where to park, how to reserve a stall
A mentor is not a coach, trainer, groom, or show official.  They are a volunteer and are here to guide you through the process.